Thought Leadership

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Data First

Contribution of data to the (re)development of your workplace strategy.

It’s essential to make use of data to justify your decisions. Objective and complete data is the foundation of your strategy and can be acquired through various sources. Every data source should contribute to the level of insights that you need from it - as a single source or combined.

Workplace Maturity Model©

We help you to create the ideal workplace.

Using the unique Workplace Maturity Model©, developed by Measuremen, organisations can gradually improve their workplace. It provides unique insights into the usage and possibilities of office space across all industries.

Annual Workplace Reports

Improve your workplace with valuable insights.

Looking for insights into working patterns, occupancy rates and activities performed in workplaces around the globe? As a workplace expert, we find it important to share our knowledge. Each year we share our findings so that these insights can help you make better decisions on improving your workplace.


Data & insights to share or collaborate with.

As a facility manager, real estate manager, workplace researcher or workplace expert, you can find valuable data & insights within our whitepapers to share or collaborate with. Find information on Workplace Strategy, Workplace Efficiency, and other related areas of expertise. Have a look through numerous whitepapers to learn more about how we improve workplaces worldwide.

The Global Research Initiative

Improving workplaces together.

Measuremen started this initiative on remote working, to gain data about how you as an individual knowledge worker want to work, where, when and what your preferences are. Results from this study will be published every two weeks and aim to help organisations like yours to improve workplaces, even when offices are unoccupied.