Re-Entry Strategy

– focus on a safe return

While most of your colleagues are working from home, you are occupied with the important task to assure a safe, well-prepared and thought-through plan of return. What should you take into consideration and which metrics are supportive of your decisions? Looking at the three categories of efficiency, engagement and the new environment, the following insights will be necessary to successfully develop these strategies.


Real-time Density

Did you know the average peak occupancy of your portfolio before COVID-19 broke out, or did you have no idea? When preparing your office layout for a safe return, it is vital to track and understand occupancy and utilisation on a real-time, detailed level of insights. Learn how the return of different groups of employees impact density levels per day and per building.

Occupancy Rates

Workplace Preferences

Workplace Preferences

Your colleagues have learned to perform all their activities in the past months in the same place: home. Now you’re developing a return-to-office strategy, it pays off to dig deeper into their workplace preferences per activity and to understand for which type of employees these preferences apply. This enables you to block or to ensure availability of certain workplace types for certain groups of employees when they re-enter the office space.

Office Inventory

One aspect that’s currently relevant again is to have an accurate overview of your existing office furniture items by type, numbers, exact location within the building and even a quick check on their condition. These are the essentials before ordering plexiglass screens, routing signs, desk sensors and other next steps related to your office inventory.

Office Overview