The impact of COVID-19 on Workplace Strategy and how we can help you.

The current work situation is about: change. Organisations are reconsidering their strategies and are rethinking about what is going to happen to their employees and workplaces, which raises a lot of questions:


• What do your employees think of their current work situation?
To what extent do your employees feel productive?
What are the most occurring factors leading to a drop in productivity?
What are they expecting when they gradually return to the office?
How are we going to adapt to the norm about physical distances?

The right workplace metrics can help you solve these current challenges.

As a result of COVID-19, almost everyone is forced to work remotely, some longer than others. One thing, however, is certain: it has a huge impact on the current working situation, on organisations and its employees who are now working with dispersed teams and colleagues. In times like these, it is very important to listen to your employees and to understand the impact, in order to continue improving the workplace, even though offices are currently unoccupied.

Find out how we can help you to gain the insights needed to: improve your employees’ experiences while working remotely due to governmental restrictions, define your re-entry strategy, and adapt to the new normal way of working after the heaviest COVID-19 effects.

Remote Working Strategy

Habital® Remote helps you to answer the above-mentioned questions and allows for your organisation to collate and understand the impact that remote working has on your employees and which issues/factors have the most impact per activity. It highlights where the quick wins are for your organisation when aiming to improve the remote workplace and productivity. Habital® is the next level in workplace surveying: it combines scientifically-validated, actionable questions with an innovative method to capture individual preferences. Habital® includes a workplace survey and a sampling part. The survey is a one-off questionnaire that explores your employees’ personal work situation and preferences. The sampling part includes answering multiple questions to your employees, asked a couple of times per day for a period of 15 days in total.

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Re-entry Strategy 

Worth noting, however, is that COVID-19 not only has a current impact but that the future of the workplace is very complex. Governmental restrictions are slowly made more flexible and everyone is getting ready for a gradual return to the workplace. However, some restrictions like physical distancing are still in place even when offices re-open, meaning that occupiers have to adapt their working environments and need to think of a re-entry strategy. Understanding the number of assets in the office, available square meter and the potential workplaces at home will help prepare for the steps needed to undertake to support physical distancing and create a workplace re-entry strategy. Combining sampling with an asset inventory (m2) when the offices reopen, allows for your organisation to understand the available capacity in the office and at home. These insights help you to align the working environment with the current (governmental) restrictions on hygiene and physical distancing.

Post COVID-19 Strategy

Once employees gradually return as the offices re-open, keeping track of workplace utilisation and occupancy rates allows you to monitor its success and/or possible risks of over-utilisation. Using our sensors and powerful Measuremen Portal, you retrieve the insights needed to act and protect. Use the insights from the re-entry strategy, in combination with real-time sensor data to allocate desks and meeting facilities to your employees when needed, even on a daily basis.


When looking at the development of the three most actual workplace strategies, the key insights you need can be clustered around three categories:


  • Efficiency: keep track of office (over) occupancy and utilisation. This still remains the baseline set of KPIs when monitoring the efficient use of your company’s office(s).
  • Engagement: More than ever, it has become clear that the real value of workplace strategy lies in the staff who should be supported and enabled to be maximally happy and engaged, and thus: productive.
  • Environment: COVID-19 shows that you can’t ignore the impact of the working environment anymore. Having detailed insights in environmental dimensions allows you to look at the critical ratios like the amount of space per workstation per employee, to see if you still grant the needed physical distance norm while improving space efficiency.

The overview below shows to what extent we can help you develop one or more of these relevant workplace strategies. Ask for a video call or demo to learn more about the details. 

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