Workplace Preferences


In order to capture workplace preferences, we have developed our own smartphone app. It captures data about personality, job characteristics and expected workplace preferences of each participant. This is done by combining output from an initial online survey and a 2-week study of self-reporting by the participant, the so-called method of ‘experience sampling’.


You will receive a strategic report which provides you with deep insights regarding workplace preferences and actual workplace satisfaction. These are divided into different personality profiles, activities, and space types. Each participant also receives a report on the individual level – that provides feedback and creates awareness which is necessary to change behaviour if needed. 

The combined power of a qualitative survey and self-reported statistics creates the unique opportunity to compare personal workplace preferences with perceived experience and behaviour.


MyPlace2Work is offered in two versions. First, there is the anonymous version to avoid any link possible with personal data. The more personalised version adds a more detailed profile (including departments and team names) however, it still does not capture any personal data. This makes it a fully GDPR compliable solution.

Connecting the actual usage of the workplace with human behaviour and satisfaction creates the necessary insights to increase perceived employee productivity and well-being. MyPlace2Work was developed in collaboration with academics and is based on a decade of workplace research. 

In general, we comply with any law or legislation when it comes to capturing and storage of personal data. If you want to learn more about our data protection policy don’t hesitate to contact one of our international experts.

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