Workplace Occupancy


We offer two methods of collecting data in order to analyse your occupancy rates, based on your usage of the data. The first option is a workplace occupancy study carried out by our team of professional workplace observers. Another method is the collection of workplace occupancy data via our Sensor Connected Workplace solution. This solution offers you real-time insights on workplace occupancy and availability. This sensor-based solution provides you with objective information about the efficient use of your workplaces.


Workplace Occupancy Study

We provide you with these numbers by measuring your workplace at least six times per day during at least ten working days in succession, measuring the following topics:

  • Workplace Occupancy
  • Workplace Activities including ‘in use, but unoccupied’ or ‘passive occupancy’
  • Meeting Room Occupancy and Utilisation

We execute these workplace occupancy studies in four phases. The first phase is the preparation phase which includes a kick-off session to set the scope. An inventory of the workplaces will be made and our software will be configured for this study.


The second phase is the actual data collection. Our observers collect the data with their smartphone or tablet. They will wear a visible badge labelled ‘Measuremen’ and the project coordinator will check the data regularly to prevent missing data or data errors.  In order to support internal communication in your organisation, we have a video showcasing this process which can be used freely, so all your employees will be aware of who we are and what we do, in order to minimise disruptions.


In the third phase, the reporting will be done. We monitor the data and transform it into a readable and convenient report. We include the following information:


  • Occupancy of the workstations and meeting facilities ;
  • Peak occupancy of the workstations and meeting facilities;
  • The utilisation of the workstations and meeting facilities;
  • Activity analysis;
  • Heat maps (see the image next to this section).
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Sensor Connected Workplace


The Sensor Connected Workplace is a solution that consists of multiple elements of hardware, software and human effort for implementation. The hardware part consists of the data capturing devices itself -the sensors- and the infrastructure to get the collected data in our cloud database. Therefore, we use very specific, secured and powerful gateways. The Sensor Connected Workplace is a standalone solution that can be implemented on a permanent basis or temporary.

To implement this solution in your organisation, we’ve defined the following phases:

The example report shows how the following information is displayed.
We need a minimum of two weeks to process the data and develop a report.

The study will be performed with the usage of our own software and works through an encrypted browser which is attached to a database. This allows our observations to be independent of other systems and it can be conducted on smartphones or tablets, without the failure of losing data should the device crash. Our system can also work offline

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