Workplace Assets


We carry out a workplace asset inventory to provide you with a workable, well-organised list of inventory elements that are in use in your buildings. A workplace asset inventory is invaluable when formulating a long-term investment plan or implementing a circular strategy in the workplace environment. The data that gets collected during the workplace asset inventory is stored in any desired format and layout. The following level of details can be expected when recording your workplace assets:


  • Building;
  • Floor, zone or room number;
  • Element type;
  • Brand and model;
  • Colour;
  • Dimensions;
  • Complete / incomplete;
  • Detailed comments.

Our approach to executing the workplace asset inventory is thorough, contains quality checks and is adaptable to specific preferences and/or wishes from your side. We label each recorded element according to a standard and consistent method, clearly outlining the total inventory. Our platform is fully compatible with systems such as IWMS and FMIS.



During the workplace asset inventory, a picture can be taken of each element. This picture is added to the list of inventory elements. This completes the import file with the necessary data for the product catalog, in addition to the regular import file. Finally, a document is delivered in which the guidelines for the product catalog are described.

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