What is it?


A workplace asset inventory provides you with a workable, well-organised list of inventory elements that are in use in your buildings. A workplace asset inventory is invaluable when formulating a long-term investment plan or implementing a circular strategy in the workplace environment. The data that gets collected during the workplace asset inventory is stored in any desired format and layout.



Our approach to executing the workplace asset inventory is thorough, contains quality checks and is adaptable to specific preferences and/or wishes from your side. We label each recorded element according to a standard and consistent method, clearly outlining the total inventory. Our platform is fully compatible with systems such as IWMS and FMIS.


With FMIS systems


Including specific preferences


Of all elements


Lower purchase costs

Where Workplace Asset Inventory fits in your workplace strategy

Part of your Re-Entry Strategy is to have a clear, accurate and complete overview of your workplace assets. When planning to go back to the office, you need to know how many desks there are per floor, what type they are and in what condition they are. You need to know which desks can be temporarily blocked or should be made (un)bookable. And if they are (slightly) damaged, this is the ultimate moment for removal or replacement of these furniture items.

When it comes to the development of your Post COVID-19 workplace strategy, it is recommended to monitor closely the effective usage of means and space and to track the engagement of your employees. Part of this monitoring process is to decide which assets and what type of assets have become redundant or are lacking short due to changing dynamics in occupancy and utilisation. Also, when preparing for a Business Continuity or Health & Safety Plan, a regular inventory on your office furniture items is often required.

Process Methodology

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Privacy & Security

The inventory will be performed with the usage of our in-house software tools developed specifically to collect and store data reliably and securely.


This allows our registrations to be independent of other systems and it can be conducted on smartphones or tablets. Data is uploaded through an encrypted connection to our systems and held securely for use via the Measuremen Portal.


Our system can also work offline in cases where an internet connection is not available, allowing us to continue to work in any situation. As soon as the data has been uploaded, it is deleted from the device, protecting data in case of being lost or stolen.


Once your data has reached our systems, only yourself and a select group of authorised users can gain full access to this data. Insight into your data is available, only to you within the Measuremen Portal.

Three years ago the separate facility departments of the Custodial Institutions Service (DJI) were merged into one facility company. In order to manage the inventory properly, a Workplace Asset Inventory had to be carried out first.

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