Workplace Activity


A good workplace strategy starts with understanding how people work in their organisation. Do they work on their own? Do people collaborate? Are there lots of large formal meetings or do a lot of meetings ‘just happen’ – in corridors, around desks, over a coffee? Do some teams perform the same activity all day, every day? Which teams spend a lot of time out of the office, on the road? What technology do we need? Now, and in the future?


By taking physical measurements of current activities and asking employees the right questions, we can help you gather the correct information to give you the insight and elevate your workplace strategy. Real information that will help you focus on what changes and improvements will make a difference.


How does it work?

We conduct at least 6 observation studies per day, during ten working days. The observation studies are executed on a workplace and meeting room level of detail. The combination of this frequency and duration results in accurate, reliable and extensive analytics.

We observe and register the following:

– Which workplaces and meeting chairs are in use.

– Which workplaces are in use, but which are (temporarily) unoccupied.

– What type of work is being performed at the workplace:

  • Working on the computer;
  • On the telephone;
  • In consultation;
  • Thinking, writing and reading;
  • Unoccupied.

Our professional observers will collect data in an unobtrusive manner, minimising effect in your organisation. You can recognise the workplace observers by the badge or shirt they wear and the smartphone in which they enter the data.



The workplace activity study will yield the following results:

– An overview of the activities in all the workplaces.

– Insight into activity patterns across different locations, departments and hours of the day.

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