Make smarter decisions about your real estate using our highly advanced workplace sensor:

cut costs, plan for better capacity, and empower teams.



Make smarter decisions about your real estate using our highly advanced workplace sensor: take occupancy planning to the next level and get ready for better capacity – usage ratios. Our sensors track workplace utilisation in real-time, whether its individual desks or meeting rooms and using our powerful Measuremen Portal you get insights needed to act on the collected data. This has shown to be business-critical since the pandemic breakout. 


Is your person-to-desk ratio off? Which teams need more space? Are your meeting rooms too big, or too small? We make the answers obvious and we take care of every part of the process, from installation to data delivery. Get insights you can trust with a very much higher sampling rate and zero human error. Our sensors operate stand-alone and are non-interfering to any other existing system, and the easiest to set up available in the market, deployable anywhere in the world.

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Sensors use a wireless LoRa network

separate from any network or IT systems



We employ the latest security and encryption

techniques to ensure your data is safe 



Our sensors have the highest reliability

in the industry with 98% accuracy



We offer our clients the choice to

either buy or lease their sensors

Where Sensor Connected Workplace Strategy

fits in your workplace strategy


Part of your Re-Entry Strategy is to closely monitor the (re)occupancy of your office space. You can only guarantee enough space for a certain -but constant changing- group of employees if you are tracking this on a very detailed and real-time basis. The office dynamics have drastically changed nowadays, so without a clear overview of occupancy and utilisation, you are at risk of not providing enough room for your employees to work safely.


Chaos in office occupancy and utilisation is what is expected after the Re-Entry Strategy has been implemented and you can start to develop your Post COVID-19 Strategy. You are used to having a reliable picture of occupancy and utilisation trends within your organisation. This will be completely different and very unpredictable in the first stage of the Post COVID-19 period. Objective, detailed and real-time information should guide you through this dynamic situation until occupancy levels have stabilised if it ever will.



Data security and privacy apply to our Sensor Connected Workplace and therefore, we would like to unveil our policy concerning this. The core principle of privacy is ‘Personal Data’. Data is considered personal when it relates to an identified or identifiable natural person. The data we gather with our Sensor Connected Workplace provides insights into the use of physical objects by humans, we don’t collect personal information. We’re relating this data to objects or rooms in order to provide you with real-time workplace analytics. 


The data that is being sent from the sensor device to the gateway is useless in terms of security as it is only bits and bytes, without any readable contextual information, and it’s also encrypted. Furthermore; the data from the gateways to the database is encrypted too and it gets transformed into information via the Measuremen Portal. This BI platform is secured by a two-factor authentication process, for authorised users only. Finally – all our cloud-based services are by default secured via our cloud provider.

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