Workplace sensors for any business type

Make smarter decisions about your real estate using our highly advanced workplace sensor: cut costs, plan for better capacity, and empower teams.

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Make smarter decisions about your real estate using our highly advanced workplace sensor: cut costs, plan for better capacity, and empower teams. Sensors track workplace utilisation in real-time, whether its individual desks or meeting rooms, and using our powerful Measuremen Portal you get insights needed to act on the collected data.


Average occupancy, usage of workstations, and distribution.

Is your person-to-desk ratio off? Which teams needs more space? Are your meeting rooms too big, or too small? We make the answers obvious and we take care of every part of the process, from installation to data delivery. Get insights you can trust with a much higher sampling rate and zero human error.

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No impact

Measuremen workplace sensors use a wireless LoRa network separate from any internet network or IT systems currently in use: we guarantee that there is no impact on energy usage, WiFi or IT networks. A fast, non-disruptive install of 10 seconds per sensor means you can start collecting data quickly without disturbing colleagues.

Unparalleled performance

We take pride in the fact our sensors have the highest reliability within the industry, at a previously unheard of 98% accuracy. Up to 10.000 sensors can be installed in close proximity without any negative effect on accuracy!

Secure by design

We employ the latest security and encryption techniques to ensure your data is safe and compliant with all appropriate legislation. That’s why we are the trusted supplier to governmental institutions, enterprise-level corporations and financial institutions.

Temporary or Permanent

Conduct a single occupancy study, or track changes as your workplace and needs evolve over time. We offer our clients the choice to either buy or lease their sensors.

Three steps to flawless data collection.


We start with a site survey to check the working environment for ideal placement of sensors, ceiling height, signal interference, amount and usage of gateways, and so on. After this on-site survey, we know the exact scope of work and hardware needed.


As soon as we have finished the prepartion phase, we start with the installation of the sensors and gateways. We prefer installing these sensors before or after peak hours at the office to minimise disturbance for your colleagues. After installation, several tests will be done on-site to check if data comes in correctly.

Data collection & visualisation

The collected data is visible via your own personal dashboard in our Measuremen Portal, which displays the real-time occupancy, distribution, and historic data. It also allows you to benchmark your data with the average values in our extensive database.

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