An Observation Study is Measuremen’s most comprehensive solution: it captures occupancy and utilisation rates and even the activities performed! How do people spend their time in the office, and how can you help them perform better? Our Observation Studies answers these questions and provide more insight into the usage of your workspace.

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The Observation Study


Whenever you talk about workplace strategy, there are three important factors to consider: people, place and activities. With our Observation Studies, we cover the intersection between these three. By taking physical measurements of current activities and asking employees the right questions, we can help you gather the correct information to give you the insight and elevate your workplace strategy. Real information that will help you focus on what changes and improvements will make a difference.


Creating a better workplace starts with understanding how people work in their organisation. Do they work on their own? Do people collaborate? Are there a lot of large formal meetings or do a lot of meetings ‘just happen’ – in corridors, around desks, or over a coffee? Do some teams perform the same activity all day, every day? Which teams spend a lot of time out of the office, on the road?

How does it work?


We conduct at least 6 observation studies per day, during ten working days. The observation studies are executed on a workplace and meeting room level of detail. The combination of this frequency and duration results in accurate, reliable and extensive analytics.


We execute these workplace occupancy studies in four phases. The first phase is the preparation phase which includes a kick-off session to set the scope. An inventory of the workplaces will be made and our software will be configured for this study.


The second phase is the actual data collection. Our observers collect the data with their smartphone or tablet. They will wear a visible badge labelled ‘Measuremen’ and the project coordinator will check the data regularly to prevent missing data or data errors. In order to support internal communication in your organisation, we have a video showcasing this process which can be used freely, so all your employees will be aware of who we are and what we do, in order to minimise disruptions.


In the third phase, the reporting will be done. We monitor the data and transform it into a readable and convenient report. We include the following information:

  • Occupancy of the workstations and meeting facilities ;
  • Peak occupancy of the workstations and meeting facilities;
  • The utilisation of the workstations and meeting facilities;
  • Activity analysis outlining the various activities performed throughout the office;
  • Heat maps (example heatmap shown next to this section).

Security and privacy


The study will be performed with the usage of our in-house software tools developed specifically to collect & store data reliably and securely.


This allows our observations to be independent of other systems and it can be conducted on smartphones or tablets; data is uploaded through an encrypted connection to Measuremen systems and held securely for use in the Measuremen Portal.


Our system can also work offline in cases where an internet connection is not available, allowing us to work in any situation. As soon as the data has been uploaded it is deleted from the device, protecting data in case of being lost or stolen.


Once your data has reached Measuremen systems, only yourself and a select group of authorised individuals can gain full access to this data. Insights into your data is available only to you within the Measuremen Portal.

Audits were carried out with minimal intrusion and the finalised reports provided great insight into our work patterns.

Tom Bally, University of Technology, Sydney


Results and outcomes


After our observers finish collecting data, our report centre will use our proprietary system to create your unique report. We audit the data and transform it into a readable and convenient dashboard in our Measuremen Portal. We need a minimum of two weeks to process the data and develop a report.


After the results have been shared with you, our experts will plan a Key Insights Meeting with you in order to extract the maximum insight from your data. In these 2-hour sessions, we dive deeper into the issues at hand and provide comprehensive feedback. We focus on customer specific insights. For example specific buildings, workplace types or departments. This enables you to ask specific questions about your ongoing issues or discussions and can help with creating future strategies.

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Measuremen case

Observation Study –

We performed an Observation Study at the European hub in Amsterdam. The insights gathered from our study led to a more streamlined approach to new workstations and space management.