Measuremen Portal


The Measuremen Portal is the online environment where our clients have access to their most important data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All of our solutions collect data that can be accessed and viewed via the Measuremen Portal, an intuitively designed online Business Intelligence (BI) environment which offers countless detailed insights on the collected data.


Unified data

The Measuremen Portal is able to merge and consolidate data from different sources and bring them together to create new insights. For example, combining a Workplace Occupancy Study with a Workplace Survey shows how buildings are being used and how people perceive their work environment. Unifying these data sets show patterns that can be translated into actionable workplace improvements.

Analytics made easy

Thanks to our powerful software, complex analytics are no longer hard to comprehend. Visual tools such as charts, graphs and heat maps help managers in their decision-making process. Departments can easily customise the portal to their own needs, highlighting relevant data sets and zooming in on the opportunities for enhancement and growth. Teams can quickly access and share relevant data with each other and external partners.



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