The Measuremen Portal



What is it?


The Measuremen Portal is our business intelligence tool that allows you to view all of your workplace data in one powerful, cloud-based platform. With the Measuremen Portal – you are able to measure, aggregate and compare data over time. Share your insights with colleagues via an integrated export functionality.


24/7 connection to

your workplace insights


Use the insights to evaluate

and optimise your strategy


Compare the outcomes with

peers in your own industry


Review, share and provide feedback

between departments and teams

Where the Measuremen Portal fits in your workplace strategy


As soon as you are taking serious actions on workplace strategy and you are having the ambition to continuously improve your workplace -you should be equipped with a powerful BI platform, focused on and designed by workplace experts. Workplace strategy is around for decades, but smart technology is pretty new – as well as the current pandemic has taught us that we need short information feedback loops to stay agile and to survive.


Our Measuremen Portal enables you to adapt your workplace strategy when the situation asks for it. If you were transforming from a traditional office into a flexible workplace concept during the Pre COVID-19 period, or if you want to keep a very close eye on the engagement, health and productivity levels of your Remote Working employees, or already planning for a Post Pandemic workplace strategy – you need one source of access, and one source of truth.


This platform allows you to connect the dots between global workplace trends from the past, your own historical workplace data and data collected in the most recent past possible, via different methodologies and technologies. It supports all sorts of deep dives you wish to make and it answers questions you can’t even come up without this Measuremen Portal. Finally – it also allows you to connect with other data sources like reservation data, HR data and anything else, just to get equipped to adapt your workplace strategy to constantly changing needs.

Access the Measuremen Benchmark today

Measuremen Benchmark

250.00 inc VAT.

For a one-time purchase of €250, you gain access to our Measuremen Portal for a period of 6 months. You will receive the credentials to access the full benchmark within 12 hours after your purchase. Please note, however, that if you order the benchmark on Friday or over the weekend, that you will receive the credentials the following Monday.


With over 15 years of international experience, we have collected data from over 900.000 workplaces. This includes data such as workplace asset inventories, occupancy and utilisation rates, workplace preferences and actual workplace satisfaction. In this benchmark, we are able to provide you with relevant data from different industries and numerous countries. This allows you to gain insight into how the work environment is used worldwide, and to compare your results with peers around the globe. Filter the data to your industry to help you understand what to expect, and see where you stand.


Measuremen Benchmark – Terms & Conditions

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Privacy & Security 

We might be able to identify a person based on data provided by you. Some examples are; a list of departments with only two employees, comparison of room reservations that include the name of the user, or a heatmap of a floor with a fixed desk containing names. But, this is never our intention and certainly never necessary to be able to improve workplaces.


So, in order to comply with the relevant data security and privacy legislation, we take into account a number of actions. For example, we don’t accept floor plans, lists of desks and department lists which hold any information that can identify an individual. This means no names, no personal phone numbers or any other type of data that can contribute to determining who sits where, uses which room or is within the scope of the study. If we accept any information from our customers to identify groups (like departments, teams, etc.), these groups must consist of at least ten individuals. Groups that are smaller have to be combined into larger groups by the client. Also, workstation types cannot be linked to a specific function (managers, receptionist, directors) and meeting facilities cannot be linked to a specific function (managers etc).


The Measuremen Portal has been configured in such a way that drill-downs to that personal level are simply not possible.

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