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The Measuremen Portal is a business intelligence tool that allows you to view all of your workplace data in one powerful, cloud-based solution. Workplace occupancy, the activities performed within the office or even the working preferences across teams at the tip of your finger.




Start improving your workplace today, with objective data and actionable insights provided by the Measuremen Portal.

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Insight into the performance of your workplace


Anytime, anywhere


The Measuremen Portal is an online Business Intelligence platform where you can access relevant workplace data. The Measuremen Portal is able to merge and consolidate data from different sources and bring them together to create new insights.


“The Measuremen Portal offers insight into the working patterns at This forms the basis for our customized workplace strategy.”

– Sophie Herveille;

Top features


24/7 connection to your workplace insights. The Measuremen Portal offers continuous access to insights, especially if connected to a sensor solution.


Improve your workplace by using the insights available to evaluate and optimise your strategy. Grow smarter, avoid unnecessary costs.


Compare the outcomes of your study with peers in your own industry or others. Become a leader in your industry and attract talent.


Review, share, and provide feedback between departments and teams. Create synergy and engagement between your employees.

Over 600.000 workstations measured across 32 countries

Workplace strategy made easy for any business type:


  • Measure, aggregate, and compare data over time
  • Clear dashboards that give you a clear overview of your workplace data
  • Share your insights with colleagues via integrated export functionality

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