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Habital® is the next level in workplace surveying. It combines scientifically-validated, actionable questions with an innovative method, enabling you to understand your employees’ individual workplace preferences and actual behaviour. 


It captures data about your employees’ personality, job characteristics, and activities in order to show them and yourself how they can be more productive and engaged.


Get insights in the way you work.

Work smarter, not harder.

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Cross-platform compatibility

(iOS, Android, and Web)


Understand team dynamics and

improve collaboration.


Based on research by PhD’s and

using proprietary systems.

Where the Habital® solution fits in your workplace strategy


When you are mainly working remotely, Habital® Remote as the non-office version of Habital®, is the ultimate engagement solution between employer and remote working employee. It allows you to closely monitor the health, performance and satisfaction of your remote working group of employees. It asks them to fill out an online survey once – but after that keep the engagement high as it pushes short notifications to respond to the remote workers’ perception on health, performance, distracting factors, and so on. Furthermore, it is a gateway to communicate from the employee back to the employer -in a very channelled and organised way- about urgent notes, allowing you and your HR colleagues to respond immediately to a certain group of profiles, in order to improve their performance and to unburden them.


During the period of planning a re-entry of your office(s) – the same Habital® Remote solution gives you the insights into which groups perform really well while working from home, and which group of employees does not. This isn’t defined by standard ways of categorising employees, like a team, business unit or location, but it enables you to add new dimensions to these categories like health (mental, physical), perceived performance, activities and level of distraction. Not all employees are the same, even when doing the same job, working in the same team in the same city – we all experience work and place differently.


Finally, when trying to look further into the future, in your Post COVID-19 strategy, there should be a more prominent place for employee metrics in your workplace strategy dashboards than ever before. It is not just about efficiency anymore – it is about the engagement of your employees, wherever they are: office, home, third place, travelling, etc. Our Habital® platform allows you to shift focus from costs to productivity.

Process Methodology

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Habital® Remote is a next-level communication platform between employee and employer. Habital® Remote captures data about your employee’s perceived health, performance, distractions, personality type, job characteristics and other demographic base data in order to show you and your employees how your organisation can be more engaged while working remotely.


Habital® Remote can be purchased per amount of employees. Please select the option that fits your organisation best. Does your organisation have more than 2000 employees? Please click here to request your personal offer.

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Immediately from the start, the unique insights will be accessible via the Measuremen Portal for you and all participants can track their individual progress via the smartphone app. Habital® is fully compliant with any privacy legislation and regulation and is available for iOS, Android and Web.

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Habital® Remote

0-500 employees, 501-1000 employees, 1001-1500 employees, 1501-2000 employees


We don’t accept or collect any information that can identify an individual. This means no names, no personal phone numbers or any other type of data that can contribute to determining who sits where uses which specific room or is within the scope of the study. If we accept any information from our customers to identify groups (like departments, teams, etc.), these groups must consist of at least ten individuals. Groups that are smaller have to be combined into larger groups by the client. Also, workstation types cannot be linked to a specific function (managers, receptionist, directors) and meeting facilities cannot be linked to a specific function (managers etc). The Habital® dashboards in the Measuremen Portal have been configured in such a way that drill-downs to that personal level are simply not possible.


Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining the privacy, integrity and security of any personal information about Habital® participants. We use a combination of firewall barriers, encryption techniques and authentication procedures, among others, to maintain the security of your data and to protect Habital® accounts and systems from unauthorized access. When you register for Habital®, a password is required from you for your privacy and security. This password is stored in an encrypted fashion in Measuremen’s systems. 

The famous headquarters of ING was measured using our unique survey software. Employees reported to be satisfied with their environment overall whilst also giving recommendations for improvements.

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