Ace your employee experience

Based on individual preferences and actual behaviour.

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Get insights in the way you work. Work smarter, not harder.

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Cross-platform compatibility (iOS, Android, and Web)


Understand team dynamics and improve collaboration.


Based on research by PhD’s and using proprietary systems.

Make your workplace more productive, efficient and engaged.

Habital® captures data about your personality, job characteristics and expected workplace preferences in order to show how you and your co-workers can work smarter and feel better. Habital® is the next level in workplace surveying: it combines scientifically-validated, actionable questions with an innovative method to capture individual preferences. Habital® is fully compliant with US and EU privacy legislation and regulation.

Align the work environment with employee behaviour and preferences.

This is accomplished by combining output from an initial online survey and a two-week study of self-reporting by the user, so-called ‘experience sampling’. After this study, a strategic report on the team level is provided with deep insights regarding workplace preferences and actual workplace satisfaction. These are divided into different personality profiles, activities, and space types. You also receive unique insights on an individual level – that provides personalized feedback and creates awareness for you to change behaviour.

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