Gain insight into the occupancy and utilisation

of your university campus. 


We can help you with making smarter decisions based on data,

while creating a safe learning environment.

2020 has been a challenging year for educational institutions. They had to close their doors, reopened them again with a 30% capacity, and are now forced to close their doors once again. By now, educational experts had hoped that students could have made a full return to their campus environment. However, the current Corona situation and the associated measures, make this hard to be realised.


During these challenging months, we talked to different educational experts and performed studies at different educational institutions. From these conversations and information retrieved, a few takeaways stood out.


From our occupancy and utilisation analyses at different campuses, it became clear (against all expectations) that campuses had more space available than expected. With our data, educational institutions were able to map out the actual number of students present, but also no-shows, and lost education capacity could be detected. This allows them to foresee what will happen once students make a gradual return to their campus environment.


They can compare different data sets and use concrete numbers and knowledge about the functionality of the available space to optimise timetables, as well as the use of the capacity available. By understanding the behaviour of students by measuring activities, the educational environment can be adapted to their needs. These data sets combined can concurrently be used for the optimisation and management of space and the utilisation of the education estates.


Besides, to create a safe learning environment in the future, educational institutions must take into consideration Co2 levels. Use real-time data collection to create a safe educational environment. 


Let numbers tell the tale & learn from the past. Only this way you can optimise your timetable workflow once regulations start to loosen up. Make smarter decisions based on data. Create a safe learning environment.

15 + years of experience

We’ve been measuring for 15 years in universities around the globe. We know how to handle students, old buildings and their quirks.

Maximise efficiency

Drive collaboration, productivity, and satisfaction for your entire organisation. Organise your schedules around historic data and actual usage. This maximises efficiency.

Grow smarter

Strategically deploy change based on facts and figures. Our insights help you to grow organically with a minimum impact on student or employee experience.

Why Measuremen?

  • Get insights into the usage of Estate and start making decisions based on data.
  • We measure the occupancy of desks, meeting rooms, and other facilities. Occupancy can also be measured using sensors, having the added advantage of continuous measurements.
  • We can measure different locations simultaneously. We have an experienced global team that is used to working around the globe.

Clients we work for

We performed an Educational Occupancy Study at the King’s College London. The insights gathered from our study helped them optimise their space management and the use of their current facilities.

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