Stop guessing, start measuring.

Using our specialist tools, surveys, and applications we measure the physical workspace and how people behave in the workplace. The value of your facilities. What people like and don’t like. What you have, what is used, how, when, and why. 


A solid workplace strategy is essential because of its impact on the way people work. Using actionable insight, companies can make faster, smarter decisions to reduce real estate costs, increase productivity, delight employees, and improve their financial performance. 

Additionally, these insights can be of vital importance when planning the workplaces strategy for the future. Every organisation has a different workplace experience, and to understand it thoroughly will enable managers to plan appropriately.


If you already have a workplace strategy in place and are actively using tools to monitor your workplace, we offer a variety of solutions aimed at improving working environments on a deeper level. No need for heavy investments in systems or processes – every study runs standalone and independently.




Want to measure a data centre in a Mexican desert or a research institute in Siberia? No problem. We can start a study anywhere in the world within two weeks.



We are not a consultant, we only produce high-quality data sets and visual representations. This means you get a guaranteed objective report with no strings attached.



Receive more value for money. We continuously innovate and therefore you can be sure that you always have access to the best technology and people.



We boost your career through our insights. We make workplace strategy easy, beneficial and objective and it’s providing you with the chance to focus on smart decision-making.


Measuremen Portal


All of our solutions collect data that can be accessed and viewed via the Measuremen Portal, an intuitively designed online Business Intelligence (BI) environment which offers countless detailed insights on the collected data.

Workplace Activity


A good workplace strategy starts with understanding how people work in their organisation. Do they work on their own? Do people collaborate? Are there a lot of  formal meetings or do a lot of meetings ‘just happen’ – in corridors or over a cup of coffee coffee? What teams spend a lot of time out of the office, on the road?

Workplace Preferences 


After you have finished the implementation of Activity Based Working, a process of continuous improvement is essential. This process should be based on objective and indisputable insights show you how good the workplace concept matches the current and desired demands of your workforce.

Workplace Occupancy


Can you use the space better? Or reduce the space you have? Measuring occupancy and how space is used generates the numbers you need to answer these questions. Our workplace occupancy study provides you with objectively collected information to base your workplace strategy decisions on.

Workplace Assets


We carry out a workplace asset inventory to provide you with a workable, well-organised list of inventory elements that are in use in your buildings. The data is collected via our software and can be imported into, for example, an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).