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Thank you for wanting to join our Global Research Initiative.

Measuremen started this initiative on remote working, to gain data about how you as an individual knowledge worker want to work, where, when and what your preferences are. 


Results from this study will be published in the upcoming weeks and aim to help organisations like yours to improve workplaces, even when offices are unoccupied.


Habital® is the next level in workplace surveying: it combines scientifically-validated, actionable questions with an innovative method to capture individual preferences. Habital® includes a workplace survey and an experience sampling part. The survey is a one-off questionnaire that explores your personal work situation and preferences. Sampling includes answering multiple questions, asked a couple of times per day for a period of 15 days in total.

What do we ask from you?

To anonymously fill in the survey (5 minutes, one-off)

and to complete the 15 day sampling period, taking just 2 minutes per day. 

What do you get from us?

Exclusive insights in perception on

remote working across the globe

and a unique way to improve your remote workplace.

Example dashboard of the insights generated with
The Global Research Initiative

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