Contribution of data to the (re)development of your workplace strategy

It’s essential to make use of data to justify your decisions. Objective and complete data is the foundation of your strategy and can be acquired through various sources. Every data source should contribute to the level of insights that you need from it -as a single source or combined.

Our Data Sources

Global Workplace Benchmark

Chinese philosopher Confucius once said: “Study the past, if you would define the future.” Our extensive global benchmark database allows you to understand the history of your type of organisation, industry, region, country – even on a city level. Access to the benchmark database makes you understand what the common occupancy, utilisation and activity trends are. 


# of workstations measured

Your Historical Data

Besides world’s history, your own past is relevant to take into consideration too. Major events like the Corona pandemic have an absolute impact, but you can only name it a game-changer if you know how the game was being played before. What used to be your default occupancy level? 

Your Actual Data

Critical thinking pays off before trying to connect to all the possible data sources that the current state of technology offers you. What are your leading KPIs and which data acquisition method or technology strikes the right balance between your investment and the required level of quality of the output?