Educational Occupancy Study – King’s College London


King’s College London is a public research university in the capital of the United Kingdom, with 5 campus locations throughout central London. Being one of the largest universities in London, King’s College wants to have more insight as to how their real estate is being used. The university’s biggest interest is knowing how the classrooms and lecture halls are being used, as there is often a disparity in the scheduling versus the actual usage. Additionally, as the university is continuously growing, there is a need to create more insight as to where they can use the space more effectively.




When considering the size of King’s College and their expected growth, the university doesn’t have much space for new buildings or classrooms due to their promise of a central London location. Subsequently, King’s College has asked Measuremen to conduct a Workplace Occupancy Study so they can identify where the demand for space lies so that they can make the best of their current facilities. The university was also interested in having information on the use of reserved lecture halls and classrooms as well as the number of students present at set times.


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Through conducting frequent workplace occupancy studies for a few years with Measuremen, the university is able to have up-to-date data on the use of their campuses so they can keep this in consideration with their future real estate planning and investment. In the most recent study, Measuremen analysed the occupancy and use of all of the university’s campuses. The locations showed a difference of approximately 33% in the frequency of use in the educational rooms. This information, for example, and more from Measuremen’s reports gives King’s College a better understanding of the use of their real estate space and it assists them in making strategic decisions in room allocation for courses and future strategic planning. This helps them grow organically whilst maintaining a high standard for students.

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