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Deltion College is a regional educational training centre located in Zwolle, the Netherlands. This organisation is known for their broad offering of educational programs for senior secondary vocational education (MBO) and programmes ranging from tourism to design or even to business and economics. The centre also offers adult education courses and company training courses. In 2016, the school had approximately 17,500 students and 1,100 employees.


This past summer, Deltion asked Measuremen to create a workplace asset inventory consisting of a total of 11 building parts. All assets in each of the buildings were counted and given a level of use.


Deltion asked Measuremen to create a workplace asset inventory of their 11 building parts in Zwolle. A remarkable scope of 20,500 assets were measured and the location and type of asset were recorded. The organisation was interested in having more information on their assets and the state of use so they can make a plan of investment and maintenance for the future and work towards improving efficiency in their asset management.


Additionally, the management wanted to create better organisation and efficiency with a computer system to keep track of each asset’s location within the buildings, to have a better overview of where the assets are located.


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With the information and insights from Measuremen’s report, Deltion has created a temporary test process to track inventory change, using an FMIS system. Using this system, they can track where assets are located and when they eventually need to be replaced, based on the depreciation of the furniture. With this system, investments in new assets can be validated with the data as well as investment budgets for the following school years. The organisation plans to have a sample workplace asset inventory study conducted next year to confirm whether the FMIS system is useful and functioning well.


Measuremen’s reports give Deltion the data to make better-informed decisions in their asset management and organisation; therefore, improving their management processes such as asset maintenance and investments in the future.


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