Observation Study – Booking.com

We performed an Observation Study at the Booking.com European hub in Amsterdam. The insights gathered from our study led to a more streamlined approach to new workstations and space management.

Measuremen case Booking.com

Habital – Diageo

Our Workplace Preferences solution was used to analyse the Diageo offices in Amsterdam. This enabled the management to monitor the performance of the offices and identify bottlenecks.

Measuremen case - Deltion College case_1

Workplace Assets – Deltion College

Deltion’s enormous campus in The Netherlands was indexed using our Workplace Asset Inventory. Using the results, Deltion was able to cut costs and prepare a better future purchasing plan.

Habital – ING

The famous headquarters of ING was measured using our unique survey software. Employees reported to be satisfied with their environment overall whilst also giving recommendations for improvements.

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