Observation Study – Utrecht University

Read more on how our Observation Study helped Utrecht University gain insight into the actual occupation and utilisation of their educational spaces.


Legacy Data – University of Applied Sciences

Measuremen has not been idle lately. In the period where less observations physically took place, Measuremen compiled all previously collected data and processed them into our Measuremen Portal.

Workplace Asset Inventory – DJI

The separate facility departments of the Custodial Institutions Service (DJI) were merged into one facility company. In order to manage the inventory, a Workplace Asset Inventory had to be carried out first.

Measuremen case Booking.com

Observation Study – Booking.com

We performed an Observation Study at the Booking.com European hub in Amsterdam. The insights gathered from our study led to a more streamlined approach to new workstations and space management.

Workplace Asset Inventory – Deltion College

Read more on how our Workplace Asset Inventory helped Deltion College to make better-informed decisions in their asset management and organisation.


Habital – Diageo

Our Workplace Preferences solution was used to analyse the Diageo offices in Amsterdam. This enabled the management to monitor the performance of the offices and identify bottlenecks.

Measuremen case - Deltion College case_1

Workplace Assets – Deltion College

Deltion’s enormous campus in The Netherlands was indexed using our Workplace Asset Inventory. Using the results, Deltion was able to cut costs and prepare a better future purchasing plan.

Habital – ING

The famous headquarters of ING was measured using our unique survey software. Employees reported to be satisfied with their environment overall whilst also giving recommendations for improvements.

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