Measuremen employee - Wout Aarntzen

Meet Wout Aarntzen

Hi everyone,

I’m Wout Aarntzen, 21 years old and I’ve been an intern at Measuremen since September 2018. I’m a fourth-year student who is about to graduate from the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen with a BA in Facility Management. I’m writing my thesis at Measuremen and the subject is about the successful implementation of standing desks in the office environment. My thesis is a part of the ‘Healthy Workplace’ at the Hanzehogeschool of Groningen. I’ve grown up in a small village called Pannerden in the east of the Netherlands. Currently, I’m living in Uilenstede, the VU campus in Amstelveen. It’s very nice to live so close to Amsterdam and to live with 13 other students; the city is great and it is very different compared to where I come from.

My first impression of Measuremen is great and I think this internship is going to be fantastic! In the weekends, when I go home to my family, I work at a disco and sometimes in a pub. I like working with great music and nice people around me, it’s always fun. In my spare time, I like to play football. I have been playing football since I was 6 years old and I really like being on a team and having some drinks together after the game. It’s a little bit risky to say in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam…. but I’m a supporter of Feyenoord!