Measuremen blog - Justin Timmer

Meet Justin Timmer

Hi, I’m Justin Timmer. Since September 2018 I work for Measuremen and have two roles within the organisation. Two days a week I work as “In-house Researcher”, using all of the interesting data Measuremen has collected over the years. With over 700.000 workstations measured, you can understand there is a lot of interesting data for a researcher to dive into. I can get a lot of insights in very interesting aspects like the national, and international cultures of working, the daily waste of office space, the coherence of activities of workers with dedicated workspaces, and so on. I write articles based on this data, and am currently setting up a research program to increase our knowledge of, and improve workplaces worldwide.

The other two days per week, I work as a project manager for “the Healthy Workplace”. The Healthy Workplace is a cooperation of six partner organizations (including Measuremen) who have joined forces to develop new tools and knowledge to support healthy behaviours in the workplace. We develop and test promising interventions and solutions – mainly based on nudging, innovative facilities, and sensor-based feedback. We work together with Bachelor, Master, PhD students, partners, and sponsors to realize our goals. One of my tasks is to manage the people connected to the project and to get the most out of them. However, I also perform my own research within this project because I think it is such an interesting topic.

As for my background, this job fits me perfectly. I am a data-enthusiast and an active Quantified Self’er. I performed many self-experiments using data to understand and improve aspects like happiness, health, productivity, and life in general. Next to this, I have a Masters degree in Human Movement Sciences (speciality in Healthy Aging). Through my Quantified Self experiences, I gained more and more curiosity in the variation of daily life patterns and started to see myself as a Complex dynamical system. This is a scientific research area from physics sparks my interest because it fits so well with my own way of viewing the world. If you want to learn more, I have written many articles on my website diving into the Quantified Self but also on Complex dynamical systems (