Podcast All About Work Life with Anna – Episode 0: Introduction

Episode 0 Introduction

Podcast All About Work Life with Anna – Episode 0: Introduction

We at Measuremen see ourselves as an objective data collecting and reporting company. With the mission to improve work life worldwide. We all love data and believe numbers tell a tale.

Today we reveal our brand new podcast “All About Work Life with Anna”. In this podcast, you will hear a lot of stories with data, and learn from a series of guests about all the elements of the complex system that is work. In her conversations, Anna will engage with diverse contributors with experience in dealing with the built, technological and workplace landscape. She will talk All About Work while covering the health, well-being, anthropology, behavioural change and sustainability topics. To create awareness and collaborate towards a better future.

Anna Todorova, the host of the podcast, has been working at Measuremen for over 4 years within our UK and Amsterdam units. Starting at the data collection level where she had the chance to observe many and various offices all over Europe. Anna has witnessed all types of work behaviours and habits of employees. Therefore, becoming very passionate about the multiple dimensions that build-up work life. As our Head of Research, she and her team have been dedicated to finding innovative ways to improve work life worldwide. Sharing is caring and we want to invite you on a journey of curiosity with Anna.

In episode 0, Anna gives an introduction to the podcast and her relationship and approach to this topic. Listen below, and join Anna in a space dedicated to understanding the complex aspects of work life. Whether you want to know about the workplace itself or the people side.

Stay tuned

Follow “All About Work Life with Anna” on Linkedin to stay updated on all the new guests and engage with an exciting community of professionals. Do you have any questions or something to say? You can always reach out to Anna on Linkedin or via email at anna@measuremen.io.

Stay tuned for Episode 1! Soon we will introduce Anna’s first guest!


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