Measuremen Portal

Before a study

The Measuremen Portal is a business intelligence tool that allows you to view all of your workplace data in one powerful, cloud-based solution. With the Measuremen Portal it is possible to view all of your workplace insights, for example the workplace occupancy, the activities performed within the office and the workplace preferences across teams in seconds.

All of the workplace insights are available after five working days.

No, after five working days the insights will be shared with you. Only the Workplace Benchmark and the Scope of the project will be shared with you before the Measurements starts.

No, because of the safety of the systems.

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During a study

You can use the filters on the right.

Select random departments in the first graph and filter the right departments in the new insight on the right site.

All answers related to this question, can be found in the System Onboarding sheet. Go to this document by clicking here.

Yes this is possible.

Yes, in order to comply with GDPR it is only possible to break down per department with more than 10 workplaces. To make it possible we need a room list (MS Excel sheet) with an overview of workplaces belonging to their respective department so that this can eventually be processed in the report.

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After a study

You can compare the outcomes of several studies with peers in your own industry or others. Also it is possible to review, share and provide feedback between departments and teams. This allows you to create synergy and engagement between your employees.

You can contact our Support on the homepage of the Measuremen Portal, they will respond within 4 working hours.

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