Frequently Asked Questions

Before a study

A minimum of two weeks of measuring has proven to be the right mix between usability and reliability of the results. This time span also overcomes incidents that may lead to deviation in the results.

Workplace Occupancy Studies are conducted to better understand the actual use of the workspace. Workplace Occupancy Studies help Facilities and real estate professionals to make decisions that are based on accurate information and insights.

At the start of a Workplace Occupancy Study we send a team of well trained observers, led by a dedicated project coordinator, to do walkarounds and register the usage of each object in your work environment. After the workplace is measured, the insights are collected and a Workplace Occupancy Report is prepared.

All of our observers will be easy to recognize by the blue Measuremen badge that they will be wearing.

During a Workplace Occupancy Study, it is possible to measure all objects related to your workspace. This includes any kind of workplaces and meeting facilities.

Yes, in order to comply with GDPR it is only possible to break down per department with more than 10 workplaces. To make it possible we need a room list (MS Excel sheet) with an overview of workplaces belonging to their respective department so that this can eventually be processed in the report.

Based on the supplied floor plans, the extent to which these are up to date and / or whether changes have taken place will be examined on location. A project coordinator will independently walk through the building and then process the workspaces, meeting rooms etc in the software system.

It is important that the Workplace Occupancy Study is well announced within your organization in advance. It is also recommended that the employees view this Measuremen video.

No. In order to experience least possible hindrance during the execution of his/her work, it is recommended to not approach observers. If you or your employees have a question we suggest you to contact your Facility Manager or the person responsible for workplaces in your office.

A complete Workplace Occupancy Study lasts 30 working days. A breakdown of these days is as follows:

10 days preparation
10 days measurement
10 days report

Download this document.

All observers conducting a Workplace Occupancy Study go through a round of project briefing followed by a trail round which is supervised by the Project coordinator. After a go/no-go moment the start-up takes place.

Every project has a backup plan which can be found here

No. The observers are trained in such a way that they can carry out the measurement independently. After we have run a test round with the observer and a start-up has taken place, the observer can perform the measurement independently. We will, however, keep you informed by telephone and by email about the progress of the study.

  • A trial round is a test round where a project coordinator supervises our observers on location in the week prior to the Workplace Occupancy Study.
  • A start-up is the very first morning of the Workplace Occupancy Study where the project coordinator makes sure everything goes as per plan.

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During a study

The standard process is to measure six times per day, unless agreed upon otherwise with the client. This is something which is customisable depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

If you are not available at your desk during a scanning period of our Workplace Occupancy Study, we note that the desk is ‘in use, but unoccupied’, so there is no problem if you leave your desk.

We always carry out the observations in a ‘low key’ manner. The reason behind it is to not disturb employees with their day to day activity.

All information regarding Measuremen and its solutions can be found here.

Our Workplace Occupancy Study focuses on the use of the workplace, not the activity or output of employees. In case you are not at your desk, we classify your desk as ‘in use but unoccupied’. We also measure meeting facilities such as conference rooms and coffee corners. We recommend you to continue with your day to day activity as if there was no observer or Workplace Occupancy Study taking place.

All our observers, can register their observations via their mobile. This is the reason they are on their mobile phones during a Workplace Occupancy Study.

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After a study

All the insights are collected and compiled into a report called the Workplace Occupancy Report. This Report is then provided to the client.

As an independent company, our job is to only measure the occupancy and usage of workspaces. The client itself is in charge of the information.

We strive to provide the complete Workplace Occupancy Report 10 working days after the last observation day, unless agreed upon otherwise.

Yes. The Workplace Occupancy Report is discussed with a client post delivery on a mutually selected date, unless agreed upon otherwise.

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