Our Story

Measuremen started in 2005 in The Hague. Our mission is to improve the work environment worldwide by creating insight in the actual use and performance of workplaces with occupancy and utilisation studies, sensor technology, surveys and human behaviour apps so you can make better decisions. So far we have measured more than 1.000.000 unique workplaces worldwide. 


We see ourselves as an objective data collecting and reporting company. We are not a consultancy firm and therefore do not give any advice on real estate and workplace strategy. Our extensive reports provide easy to understand data and insights, which managers can use to build or improve their workplace strategy.

Currently, we’re operating in more than 40 countries around the world.


Throughout the years, many innovations were developed, both in-house and sprouting from partnerships. Read more about our innovations here


In 2013, the first international office opened: Brussels. This proved to be the first of many international offices: increasing international demand led to a more international focused strategy. Measuremen opened its first office in London at the end of 2015. Another milestone was reached in 2017, when Measuremen crossed continents and settled in Sydney, Australia!

The Team

Anna Todorova

Anna Todorova

Head of Research

Babs van den Berg

Intern Project Management
Measuremen employee – Baptiste Girault

Baptiste Girault

Project Manager
IMG_3155 (1)

Christiana Michalaki

Project Manager
Measuremen employee – Dimiliana Nikiforou

Dimiliana Nikiforou

Global Operations Specialist

Frank van Eeks

Project Executive

Gaëtan Postorivo

Project Manager

Jhonattan Maldonado Juárez

Project Executive
Measuremen employee – Johan Zuurmond

Johan Zuurmond

Service & Support
Measuremen employee – Jordy Finkers

Jordy Finkers

IT & Development Director
Measuremen employee – Julie Notten

Julie Notten

Project Manager
Measuremen Employee – Justin van Wel

Justin van Wel

Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Measuremen employee – Justin Timmer

Justin Timmer

Data Scientist
Kamilia Al Mawali

Kamilia Al Mawali

Intern Sales & Project Management
Measuremen employee – Lisa Hut

Lisa Hut

Customer Success Director

Lyjo Franse

Chief Operations Officer
Marc Doosjen

Marc Doosjen

Sales Executive

Marcin Wagner

Measuremen employee – Margriet Risselada

Margriet Risselada

Back Office Executive
Matthew England – Measuremen Pic

Matthew England

Project Manager
Measuremen employee – Merlijn Melse

Merlijn Melse

Inside Sales Executive
Measuremen employee – Mike Kaandorp

Mike Kaandorp

Project Manager

Naomi Zwart

Measuremen employee – Noel Brewster

Noel Brewster

Customer Success Executive
Measuremen employee – Nicolas Roschewitz

Nicolas Roschewitz

Project Manager

Pasquala van Beusekom

Growth Hacker

Salma Cherif

Data Analyst
Measuremen Employee – Sam Lakeman

Sam Lakeman

Back Office Executive
Sofie Weideman

Sofie Weideman

Intern Project Management
Measuremen employee – Stephanie Thielen

Stephanie Thielen

Marketing Executive
Measuremen employee – Tom Suddaby

Tom Suddaby

Project Manager
Measuremen Employee – Vincent le Noble

Vincent le Noble

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Measuremen employee – Wessel Schilp

Wessel Schilp

Service & Support

At Measuremen, we pride ourselves in having a diverse, young, and energetic team. Working with professionals from all over the world with different backgrounds makes us agile and capable of looking at organisational puzzles from different perspectives. Interested in joining one of our offices worldwide? Take a look at our Jobs page!