Our Story

Measuremen started in 2003 in The Hague. Our mission is to improve the work environment worldwide by creating insight in the actual use and performance of workplaces with occupancy and utilisation studies, sensor technology, surveys and human behaviour apps so you can make better decisions. So far we have measured more than 500K unique workplaces worldwide. 


We see ourselves as an objective data collecting and reporting company. We are not a consultancy firm and therefore do not give any advice on real estate and workplace strategy. Our extensive reports provide easy to understand data and insights, which managers can use to build or improve their workplace strategy.

Currently, we’re operating in 29 countries around the world.

Throughout the years, many innovations were developed, both in-house and sprouting from partnerships. Read more about our innovations here


In 2013, the first international office opened: Brussels. This proved to be the first of many international offices: increasing international demand led to a more international focused strategy. Measuremen opened its first office in London at the end of 2015. Another milestone was reached in 2017, when Measuremen crossed continents and settled in Sydney, Australia!

The Team


As Project Coordinator, I am always striving to create good relationships with our clients. For me, it is important to give a client a total peace of mind regarding the studies and the results, so they can focus on their main goal: improving their workspaces. In my spare time, I like to swim and enjoy time with friends.

Anniek van Beek

Project Coordinator

As Measuremen’s first French project coordinator, I quickly learned everything to do with the business. Despite my young age, my principles and values push me to overcome all the obstacles that I meet. During my spare time, I like to swap my laptop for my guitar.

Baptiste Girault

Project Coordinator

I am passionate about real estate, workplace and technology. I love to participate in CoreNet, IFMA, IFMA Workplace Evolutionaries and other Facilities Management networks and committees. When not working; I am most likely next to my BBQ enjoying a cold beer with friends and family in my backyard.

Bram Aarntzen

Marketing & Sales Director

My aim is to provide usable results, which really helps the client in moving forward with their workplace strategy. What is most exciting for me about working for Measuremen? Creating added value for organizations related to property management. In my spare time, I love to run and travel.

Chayenne Verheul

Project Coordinator

As an individual interested in all things tech, I spend my time envisioning The Next Big Thing™. Data is the name of the game; from improving internal systems, to developing new IoT sensor solutions, I am working behind the scenes to bring fresh and innovative ideas to light.

Elvin Luff

Information Specialist

I am an enthusiastic Facility Management student. Currently, I am an intern of the Operations Team in London, where I support the Project Coordinators with multiple tasks. I have a positive mind-set and I like being surrounded by other people. Developing my knowledge and facing up new challenges is what gives me energy. I love spending my spare time with my friends and family.

Eveline van de Ven

Intern Operations

Due to my Change Management background I am motivated to change people's mindset about workplaces. I am passionate to start the conversation about your work environment. I am also available for a surf, tennis or hockey-match!

Fabian Schipper

Sales Executive

As the Management Assistant, no day is ever the same for me at Measuremen. My training and education in event management helps me handle the diversity in tasks and disciplines. In my personal life, I love going out for dinner; travel or attending a party.

Heleen van Rooij

Management Assistant

Hello! My goal at Measuremen is to help people understand the importance of their workplace strategy and how to elevate that. I am very bad at topography and wayfinding, so this makes for excellent adventures! Love Chelsea FC and really bad jokes. Anyhow, drink?

Ian Foulds

Chief Commercial Officer

I started my career at Measuremen as an observer, worked as project coordinator and now, I am part of the IT team as Information Specialist. With this experience, I love to help my colleagues and to work on new IT developments every day.

Johan Zuurmond

Information Specialist

I love to work with people and to provide useful reports to our clients to make every client happy and satisfied. I am able to combine my passions in a cosy environment and work with a great team. In my spare time, I like to travel, to go out for dinner and to spend time with friends and family.

Jolijn de Wijs

Report Centre

I am in charge of Information Management and product innovations. I have a passion for rowing, cycling and I love all sorts of music. I am a vinyl junkie and I can make a mean burger while listening to my record collection.

Jordy Finkers

Sr. Information Specialist

I truly believe that fun in your work and with your colleagues is the starting point for a successful business. We measure workplaces all over the world with a great and expanding team of young professionals. I live in Amsterdam and like a good dinner, to watch a football match and to play squash.

Justin van Wel

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Do what you really want and you will never have to work. I have a background in real estate and a passion for real estate and innovation. At Measuremen, I can use this passion to improve workplaces. In my spare time I like to run, I can be found at concerts and festivals and travel as much as possible.

Lex Janssen

Sales Executive

Last year I graduated for my bachelor Facility Management at the Hague University. I wanted to travel before starting at Measuremen and I went out for three months. From the beginning of 2018, I started as a Project Coordinator at Measuremen. And yes, I still travel, but now to awesome companies through The Netherlands and I enjoy it!

Lianoor Smit

Project Coordinator
Measuremen – Lisa Hut

Leaving Amsterdam behind by moving to Sydney was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I enjoy the good things in life whilst building our brand in Australia. I get energy from the sun and helping others to strive for the highest quality of our services.

Lisa Hut

Country Lead Australia

Want to work with us?


At Measuremen, we pride ourselves in having a diverse, young, and energetic team. Working with professionals from all over the world with different backgrounds makes us agile and capable of looking at organisational puzzles from different perspectives. Interested in joining one of our offices worldwide? Take a look at our Jobs page!

No day is ever the same for me. As the Operations Manager in The Netherlands, I am working together with my team every day to prepare and coordinate projects. I have studied Facility Management because I like to organise and take care of people. Therefore, customer satisfaction is very important for me. I am keen to take up any challenge!

Lisanne Bakker

Operations Manager

I am here to ensure our clients are happy clients and stay happy clients. To make that happen, I focus on the quality of our processes and on a strong company culture with happy employees. When not working, look for me on playgrounds with my kids or on the beach drinking a cold beer.

Lyjo Franse

Chief Operations Officer
Marc Meyer

Measuremen offers me the opportunity to use my creative, strategic and entrepreneurial skills. My experience in working with startups, upscaling, brand building and design thinking helps me to translate business objectives into concrete strategies and action. Next to my work for Measuremen, I love to travel, eat amazing food and surf in exotic places.

Marc Meyer

Marketing Executive

I believe that a better work environment improves the productivity and employee well-being. I am always keen to see the impact of our studies in the work environments. In my spare time, I go to the gym, to beach and I hang out with friends. And of course, exploring London!

Mariska van Nieuwkoop

Operations Manager

As an intern of the Operations team, I contribute to the continuity of projects, to keep in touch with clients and to process the data into a useful report. My internship at Measuremen is a very big and important step in my journey in becoming a real facility professional.

Mees Wellen

Intern Operations

I find in interesting to see so many companies from the inside. With the data we deliver, I am convinced that it helps them to make the workplace a better place. In my free time I watch series, football and Formula 1. Besides that, cooking is a great hobby of mine!

Mike Kaandorp

Project Coordinator

Graduated from a Master in Facility Management I had the chance to gain experience in project management as Operations Manager. I recently had the opportunity to become a Sales Manager. From the Brussels office and in collaboration with the operational team, I am in charge of Sales in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Pascaline Defurnaux

Sales Manager

I love to travel around the world to ensure a top quality execution of all projects. A challenging job, because every client around the world needs a different approach. Attention to detail is essential for success and I am driven to bring every project to a perfect end.

Pim Geurtsen

Operations Manager

After finishing my study Commercial Economics, I started to work for Measuremen’s Report Centre. For me, the best part of working for Measuremen is the great and relaxed atmosphere in the company. In my spare time I like to work out, hang out with friends and go to festivals and parties.

Roderick de Wijs

Report Centre

After a bachelor degree in real estate, Roderick is now doing a Master in Facility Management and is a trainee with us. He is a high-spirited person with a cheerful nature who always pursues improvement and he wishes to develop his skills in projects management and leadership.

Roderick Velings


As an intern I am part of this young and energetic organisation. We work hard but besides that we also make a lot of fun together. During my Bachelor degree in Facility Management, I have learned a lot and now it is time for me to put this theory into practice.

Sanne de Lange

Intern Operations

I started as a observer for one of our first projects in Belgium. Since then, I have developed from observer to Trainee and from Trainee to Project Coordinator. Besides work, I am is also a fitness instructor and enjoy to help others to overcome their limits. But above all: I like to do everything with good music and in a good mood.

Salim Guellet

Project Coordinator

I am responsible for handing our clients great and useful reports. As Head of the Report Centre, I try to improve the way we show our clients the insights. Because above all else: numbers tell the tale. In my spare time, I do crossfit, go to festivals and enjoy living in Amsterdam.

Sascha Strankinga

Report Centre

After gaining experience in marketing and real estate, I joined Measuremen as an observer and later as an Operation Specialist at the Brussels office. What do I like about Measuremen? The opportunity to travel and discover a lot of different company styles. It is my goal to consistently make our customers happy!

Soufiane Ennouni

Project Coordinator

I study Facility Management in Amsterdam and this includes my current internship at Measuremen for five months. It is nice to go to different organisations and to assist with the different projects. In my spare time I like to speed skate: I skate marathons on nationwide level.

Tessa Snoek

Intern Operations

Experiencing new things is what it is all about. Whether this is done by being in the moment, reading, playing or tasting – it really doesn’t matter to me. Analysing data is all about gathering intel from all sources, understanding numbers by crunching through them, before lining it up to unfold a unique story. Furthermore, I like to read stories.

Tom Suddaby

Project Coordinator

As intern of Operations Team Global, I hope to create added value for our clients in various cultures. I like to get to know other cultures and to look at different styles of architecture and interior. In addition I try to celebrate life every day.

Veroline Brouwer

Intern Operations

I am passionate about workplaces, connecting professionals worldwide and helping them deliver meaningful insights on behaviour, growth and workplace improvement. I love to share my knowledge and to build a great company with great people doing great things.

Vincent le Noble

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With my enthusiasm, I like to contribute to our mission: improve workplaces worldwide. This is a new adventure at the beginning of my professional career. In my personal time, I like to photograph with my old camera, especially when I am on a trip. Furthermore, my quest for unique vintage furniture makes me happy during the weekends.

Vivian Reichgelt

Sales & Marketing Executive

High quality service, personalised attention, and advancement are my top three objectives. Human behaviour and all of its interrelated relationships fascinate me. I love to work in unfamiliar, challenging and inspiring surroundings. Thus, it is fair to say that I am driven to contribute and spread my fair share of joy, both professionally and personally.

Venus Abulafia

Project Coordinator

You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything. As the Online Marketeer for Measuremen, I am responsible for all things online. An active content creator and consumer, I like to sport and travel to places with historic significance. I am also an avid Hot Wheels collector.

Warris Jacob

Online Marketeer

At Measuremen, we pride ourselves in having a diverse, young, and energetic team. Working with professionals from all over the world with different backgrounds makes us agile and capable of looking at organisational puzzles from different perspectives. Interested in joining one of our offices worldwide? Take a look at our Jobs page!