Workplace insights that
make a difference


Measuremen improves workplaces worldwide by creating

insight in the actual usage and performance of workspaces.
We do this by performing and using
occupancy and utilisations scans, sensor technology, surveys and human behaviour apps.


Using actionable insight, our clients can make faster,
smarter decisions to reduce real estate costs, increase productivity,
delight employees, and improve their workplace strategy.


Workplace Asset Inventory

Our most simple solution answers a basic question: how much of what do I have?
We count the number of seats, desks, paintings, machines or coffee mugs. We carry out a workplace asset inventory to provide you with a workable, well-organised list of inventory elements that are in use in your buildings. A workplace asset inventory is invaluable when formulating a long-term investment plan or implementing a circular strategy in the workplace environment.

Workplace Occupancy Study

We measure the occupancy and utilisation of desks, meeting rooms, and other facilities. We offer two methods of collecting data in order to analyse your occupancy rates, based on your usage of the data. The first option is a workplace occupancy study carried out by our team of professional workplace observers. Another method is the collection of workplace occupancy data via our Sensor Connected Workplace solution. This solution offers you real-time insights on workplace occupancy and availability.

Workplace Activity

A unique advantage to work with Measuremen lies in our methodology. Executing an occupancy study with our observers has its own added value: they can also register what goes on at the desks they see. Find out with a workplace activity study if people mostly work on their laptops, having face to face discussions or calling? This can contribute to more effective use of existing space, or lead the way in designing new facilities.


Habital® is the next level in workplace surveying: it combines scientifically-validated, actionable questions with an innovative method to capture individual preferences. Habital® captures data about your personality, job characteristics and expected workplace preferences in order to show how you and your co-workers can work smarter and feel better. Habital® is fully compliant with US and EU privacy legislation and regulation.

Measuremen Portal

The Measuremen Portal collects and aggregates all workplace study data, which can be accessed and compared in this cloud-based solution.