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make a difference


Measuremen improves workplaces worldwide by creating insight into the actual usage and performance of workspaces. We do this by performing and using occupancy and utilisations scans, sensor technology, surveys and human behaviour apps.


Using actionable insight, our clients can make faster, smarter decisions to reduce real estate costs, increase productivity, delight employees, and improve their workplace strategy.

Manage your workplace like never before


Workplaces should be a fantastic place to work, live, learn, grow, share and contribute. Providing an excellent workplace and having a clear workplace strategy helps employees make faster, better, and smarter decisions. Our mission is to improve the workplaces worldwide by creating insights in the actual usage and performance of the work environment with occupancy and utilisation studies, sensor technology, questionnaires and human behaviour apps so you can make better decisions.


Towards workplace excellence
Measuremen gathers data about the work environment, transforms this into insights and provides you with the knowledge to support your workplace strategy. We identify patterns in usage and behaviour to make informed decisions faster with data that provides a comprehensive view of your workplace.

Our Solutions


Measuremen Portal

All of our solutions collect data that can be accessed and viewed via the Measuremen Portal, an intuitively designed online Business Intelligence (BI) environment which offers countless detailed insights into collected and aggregated data.

Workplace Assets

Observation Studies

Sensor Connected Workplace


What makes Measuremen unique?

30+ countries / 30+ million registrations / 800,000+ workplaces

High quality data sets

We are not a consultant, we only produce high-quality data sets and visual representations. This means you get a guaranteed objective report with no strings attached.

Set to scale

Measuremen can handle any project in terms of size, ranging from a small municipality to the biggest enterprises in the world.

Step by step

Strategically deploy change based on facts and figures. Our insights help you to grow organically with minimum impact on employee experience.


Want to measure a data centre in a Mexican desert or a research institute in Siberia? No problem. We can start a study anywhere in the world within two weeks.

Workplace Maturity Model©

The Workplace Maturity Model© is a unique and innovative model developed in-house by Measuremen, using our 15+ years of experience within the workplace industry worldwide. It helps organisations gradually adapt their workplace to the internal and external challenges of the future.


The Workplace Maturity Model© aims to provide comparative data to help organisations assess the efficiency of their own space use, discover potential areas of cost saving and analyse their employees’ needs and workplace satisfaction. Find out more about how your organisation can improve the workplace using the model and one of our solutions.

  • / Acknowledge

    Acknowledging global change within the workplace and the need to make that change.

  • / Validate

    Organisation sees the possibilities and threats and finds support to continue the journey of workplace improvement.

  • / Manage

    Workplace is being changed based on organisation and employee needs.

  • / Optimise

    Permanent improvement loops secure a future-proof organisation.

  • / Justification

    Create insights in needs and benefits.

  • / Engagement

    Motivate all stakeholders and share successes.

  • / Adaptation

    Integrate professional tooling for permanent use and monitoring.